1M X 1M Alluminium Composite Fence/Wall Child Safety Sign

1M X 1M Alluminium Composite Fence/Wall Sign

Maximize visibility and convey an important message with our 1-meter by 1-meter Aluminium Composite Fence/Wall Sign.


1M X 1M Alluminium Composite Fence/Wall Sign

Aluminium Composite Child Safety Sign, engineered to enhance visibility and reinforce safety measures in the school environment. Measuring 1 meter by 1 meter, this robust and weather-resistant sign serves as a formidable reminder against potential hazards, ensuring the protection of young pedestrians within school premises.

Key Features:

Premium Quality Construction: Crafted from sign grade aluminium composite material, our safety sign boasts durability and longevity, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and prolonged exposure without compromising performance.

Optimal Visibility: Designed with vivid colors and eye-catching graphics, our sign commands attention and effectively communicates crucial safety messages to motorists and pedestrians alike, minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting responsible driving behavior in school zones.

Easy Installation: The aluminium composite sign offers hassle-free installation on fences, walls, or posts, providing schools with flexibility in placement to maximize visibility and effectiveness.


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